How to Stay Safe from Increasing Level of Air Pollution in Delhi?

health tips 26 Nov, 2019

After celebrating Diwali with full flair and spirit, air pollution and smog always arrive with infections and diseases every year. To survive and stay safe with huge levels of pollutants all around, here are some important precautions to follow and avoid falling ill. Do’s and Don’ts to Stay Safe from Air Pollution

• First of all, you should know how much polluted your surrounding is.

• With increasing levels of pollution, it is better to exercise indoors.

• Don’t go out for a walk in high traffic areas which are highly polluted.

• Don’t use appliances that are not required.

• Don’t allow your school-going children to play on the grounds.

• Walk or cycle to commute rather than using vehicles.

• Don’t burn trash or wood.

When to work out? Ideally, you can work out before sunset or in the morning. It is better to work out in gyms with closed doors and windows. Is using an air mask safe? Air pollution masks can protect to some extent. These are somehow helpful as they keep you from inhaling harmful elements. You can easily buy Masks N99 and Masks N95. How to Avoid Pollution at home? Plants help control air pollution naturally. If you have trees around your home like Neem, Peepal, and Bargad, it is even better. If not, you can grow some indoor plants to clean the indoor air. • Spider Plant – Spider plants are very effective to remove impurities in the indoor air. Bamboo palm and snake plants are also effective. • Aloe Vera – This sun-loving plant can help minimize polluted air indoors. Don’t burn candles and avoid air fresheners. Air fresheners consist of huge particles which you should avoid. Bottom Line All in all, you should avoid going for walks or playing outdoors, especially after sunset and before sunrise. Pollens in gardens might cause an attack, if you have a respiratory illness. Always keep your inhalers handy when you have to go out. Wear masks and don’t go to the areas which have plenty of smoke.