What Health Concerns Your Eyes Have to Indicate?

health tips 26 Nov, 2019

Are your eyes getting watery or itchy more often? It might be due to allergies. Like this one, there are certain clues your eyes can give about several health conditions. This is why you need to go for regular eye tests as part of your healthcare regimen. Without going any further, let’s discuss some of the health concerns your eyes are indicating.

Yellow Eyes

Do your eyes look yellow rather than white? It’s a clear indicator of jaundice. It can be caused due to several factors, including hepatitis, excessive alcohol intake, gallstones, and even cancer. Home remedies are not enough. You should consult the doctor before it’s too late. Painful eyelids

Near the eyelashes or under your eyelids, styers are painful and red. Don’t pop or touch the inflamed part. Take a bowl of warm water, dip a clean cloth and hold it on the painful area for at least 10 minutes. Repeat the same for up to 5 times or till the inflammation is cured. If not work, ask the doctor. Constant itching or dryness

Sometimes, allergies, medications, excessive use of a computer, and overuse of contact lenses are common reasons for irritated eyes. Aging also causes irritation in the eyes. For dry and itchy eyes, eye drops come in handy. But they cannot cure redness. You may want to put a cold compress on the itching area. Don’t rub itchy/dry eyes as it can make the condition worse. Consult a doctor if you don’t get relief within a week. Swollen Eyes

Most people have this condition. Infections, allergies, pink eye, infections, inflammation on eyelids, corneal sores are some of the common causes. Puffy eyes can also be caused due to thyroid. You actually don’t have to do anything as this condition goes away on its own. But if it happens constantly and impairs your vision, it’s time to go for an eye test.