Pregnancy diet plan

health tips 18 Mar, 2019

Hi would be mommies & daddies... Pregnancy is a natural life event and wonderful experience, hope u all r cherishing experience in whatever stage / trimester u have reached. To take care of Pre-post and Pregnancy term we need to take care of our food intake and life style. It’s a fact and even our Upanishads say that food determines both the fertility & protection of our progeny. Still we undervalue the role of food in our reproductive health.

I will be discussing below about some foods which are good for pregnancy and some foods are better to be avoided.

Pregnancy food rules:

Kind of foods we should be eating during this phase:
1) Foods which are easy to cook and easy to digest: our digestion slows down during pregnancy so have foods which are cooked properly. Cooking helps to get Rasa or essence of food or insimle words nutrients. Once these nutrients are assimilated well, it will nurture you and also your baby.

2) Foods which hydrates and works as a natural antacid: Have lots of fruits / vegetables and other fluids like chaach / coconut water / shikanji /soups most important -WATER etc. this helps to hydrate your body as it is important to keep a proper fluid balance during the pregnancy as the placenta and amniotic fluid depends on it so need to hydrate the body also goes up.

Secondly food acts a natural antacid, due to hormonal imbalances especially in the first trimester there are signs of nausea or morning sickness. The best way to avoid it is have small frequent meals. This won't let acid build up so u will feel better. If you can only remember one thing, then remember the rule of 3 – aim to have 3 meals and 3 snacks by eating every 3 hours.